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Welcome to Mahaya Cambridge; The Charlene Deeks Center of Naturopathic Medicine and Dr. Susan Fisher, MSc (Pharmacology),ND.

In her naturopathic practice, Susan uses her expertise in both pharmaceuticals and naturopathic medicine to provide individualized treatment strategies for optimizing health. Patients receive guidance in how to safely integrate drug therapies with more natural modalities of care.

Natural modalities practiced include clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicinals, acupuncture and Asian medicine , lifestyle counselling, facial rejuvenation and bowen therapy. Each are chosen with the intent of identifying and treating the root cause of an individual patient's symptoms and concerns so that long lasting health can be achieved.

Dr. Fisher also has an interest in the prevention and treatment of cancer, providing complementary medicines for cancer patients. Strategies are developed to not only fight the cancer but keep patients healthy while they undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments by their oncologist.