Fertility Support

Beyond the Obvious

Nutritional Deficiencies

Undetected celiac disease (latent celiac) is a perfect example of how nutrient absorption issues can defeat fertility attempts. The appropriate vitamins, minerals and proteins must be available for healthy eggs, sperm and ultimately pregnancy.  In our clinic, a complete diagnostic work-up identifies any vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies with guidance provided on appropriate nutritional enhancements and supplementation to effectively restore reproductive health.

Food Sensitivities

Evidence shows a clear association between women with food sensitivities and the generation of anti-sperm antibodies negatively impacting fertility.  To differentiate food allergies (IgE) from sensitivities (IgG), food sensitivities cause delayed hypersensitivity reactions triggering the production of IgG antibodies.  Although the impact of a food sensitivity can range from mild (eg. bloating) to more severe (eg. eczema, psoriasis, diabetes) its potential impact on fertility can be devastating. 

Our clinic uses several different diagnostics to measure food based immune reactions: a 96 foods IgG sensitivity panel, a 200 foods testing panel uncovering not only IgG antibody pathways, but also T-cell and complement-driven inflammatory pathways activated by food antigens.

Environmental Toxins / Heavy Metals

Worldwide studies confirm negative trending in the average male's sperm counts as a result of increasing environmental toxicity.  Chronic exposure to pesticides, exogenous estrogens and heavy metals in a man's life can definitely impact his ability to make healthy sperm. In our clinic, "toxic load" is considered with other diagnostics should a man present with poor sperm quality or number.  Oral chelating agents, infrared sauna and liver cleansing protocols assist in cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals. Targeted nutritional therapies also help to increase sperm counts and sperm motility by reducing any oxidative stress during spermatogenesis.

Female fertility is not left untouched.  Accumulation of lead and mercury from occupational exposure, smoking and other environmental sources have been shown to impact fertility.  Oral chelation therapy using botanicals and supplements with infrared sauna and liver cleansing protocols help to reduce a woman's heavy metal and toxic load.  The clinic often hosts informative seminars to patients and the public on how to incorporate cleansing strategies into daily life (see Activities).

Paradigms / Stressors

Stress is rarely the only cause for infertility; however if present, can worsen existing hormone and energetic imbalances.  When stressed, the body puts all of its resources to increase stress hormones cortisol and DHEA – resulting in the abandonment of reproductive hormone production.

For example, high levels of the body's stress hormones (cortisol and DHEA) can shorten the luteal phase (progesterone) or cause a slowing of the thyroid to impact fertility.  High cortisol levels during acute stress can reduce the probability of conceiving in any one cycle and accelerate the decline in egg quality in women in their late 30s and early 40s.   Eventually, chronically high cortisol levels will fall – leaving exhaustion and imbalances in immune function.  It just isn't worth it!

In our clinic, cortisol and DHEA levels can be measured in both saliva and blood. Assessing the daily rhythm of these hormones can help identify what is needed to restore balance. Constitutional homeopathy is our clinic's secret weapon to regain control and healthy outlook during frustrating times. Every person alive gets off-track in this challenging world;  constitutional homeopathy puts you back on the path you were intended.