Fertility Support

Factors Impacting Your Chances of Conceiving
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Fertility Support

Conceiving a child is truly a miracle.

For most, it is not just one thing that determines our fertility but rather it is the result of a number of elements:  interacting hormones, the health of your organs, various enzymes and nutrients as well as the ebbs and tides of your yin and yang energies.  When all are in alignment, getting pregnant has a better chance of happening.  It is always wise to prepare your body for a healthy conception – so that any imbalances can be identified and removed before trying.

If you have challenges to conception do not lose hope – your diagnosis of infertility may just be an imbalance yet to be identified and restored. 

By making small adjustments in your life you can simply and easily increase your chances of pregnancy.
It is all about restoring balance where it is needed. 

Allopathic medicine also recognizes the importance of achieving homeostasis and can also help when obstacles block your path to fertility.  Clinical research recognizes the enhanced benefits to fertility when assisted reproductive technology (ART) is practised simultaneously with traditional Chinese acupuncture (TCM). 

Whether you or your partner’s body requires realignment, Naturopathic medicine can help diagnose the challenge and restore the balance. 

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