Fertility Support

New Fertility Patients

Your first time to the clinic will take a little over an hour and will focus on learning as much as we can about you and/or your partner:  current and past physical symptoms and conditions, menstrual cycle irregularities, major life events and their impact, typical dietary habits and digestion, lifestyle choices and more.  In naturopathic medicine we ask a lot of questions to generate a comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically with you in mind.
Diagnostic tests will be started to identify possible root causes for fertility issues – including the not so obvious ones.  Your physical signs and symptoms will help to identify the correct Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis so that acupuncture (if appropriate) can begin in the following weeks.  Please indicate when booking, if you prefer to include acupuncture in the first visit.  Every treatment plan also incorporates any relevant nutritional, lifestyle and herbal strategies key to identified patterns and imbalances.
Please complete and bring with you the following intake forms to make our time together more efficient.