Infrared Sauna

Potential Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Post Workout Recovery

Enhanced circulation assists in muscle and joint tissue repair.


Detoxification is the process of reducing the body's toxic burden of accumulated heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Although detoxifying can take place without the use of a sauna, best results are achieved when an infrared sauna is used regularly because the rays penetrate deeply to enhance sweating and elimination of waste through skin pores.

Cardiovascular Health

In an infrared sauna, the following typically occurs: body temperature and heart rate increase, while blood pressure in response to widening of blood vessels and increased circulation decreases. People with hypertension will typically see a reduction in blood pressure following continued sauna treatments.

Immune Function

The infrared sauna creates an "artificial fever" in your body as body temperature rises. Why is this good? Well, a fever is the body's way of naturally fighting infections; your body's immune function increases with heat, while viral and bacterial growth is slowed. An infrared sauna treatment in the initial stages of a cold or flu has been shown to stop pathology before symptoms occur.


With continued infrared sauna use, you can actually enhance sweating ability to increase the body's excretion of stored waste products and toxins.

Healthy Skin

Increased circulation of blood to the skin improves delivery of anti-oxidants and other nutrients which will greatly enhance the general appearance and functioning of the skin.


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