The Charlene Deeks Centre for Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Clinic

Welcome to our naturopathic clinic where practitioners use expertise in both pharmaceuticals and naturopathic medicine to provide individualized treatment strategies for optimizing health. Patients receive guidance in how to safely integrate drug therapies with more natural modalities of care.

Natural modalities practiced include clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicinals, acupuncture using traditional chinese medicine, lifestyle counselling, facial rejuvenation and bowen therapy. Each approach is chosen with the intent of identifying and treating the root cause of your symptoms or concerns so that long lasting health can be achieved.

The human body is like a high performance engine created thousands of years ago. As nature intended, it requires loving care (spiritual / emotional support), regular maintenance (physical activity) and high octane fuel (whole foods diet of fruits, veggies and grains). If received, our engine purrs in response and can live well into later life without rusting or needing new parts. The interesting thing about keeping our ferrari engine purring: focused attention pays back within a very short period of time.